Fall 2015 | Community Mandala

Corinne shares about Community Mandala
One light clicks off. And another. And another. The peripheral lamps begin to
fade into the center, as Eva and I circle the space turning off all of the light
sources but one. We close the scope of the room to the central long table where
naked bulbs hang from the ceiling. Shining bare and brightly, they illuminate a
palate of seeds composed from earthy tones: dusty-brown, mustard-yellow,
shimmery milky white, black as black can be, and burnt orange. Each one has its
own texture ranging from feather-thin silky milkweed to arid spiky spheres and
tiny hard glassy amaranth beads. The table is set like a canvas- wide open to
becoming with the seed materials we have collected over the past 7 months:


Japanese Pagoda
Wild cherry
Honey Locust
American elm
Sweet Gum
Red Maple
Golden Rain
All in the process of becoming something we are not aware of yet.
People begin to gather, circling around the table of the potential – each seed
sharing the energy of its very own medicinal gift for the earth and every satiate
being. Each seed in its collective pile provides a palate of color and texture at the edges.
Sound pulses from an ancient ritual in some far-off land filling the space with a
trance. Here. Now. Along with curiosity of each person, our shared single-pointed
focus on the palate heightened the collective energy in the room. We form a
circle. We begin play an unspoken game around the table. The circle shifts. As
we place single seeds or draw large piles of pods, sweeping them across the
white surface, our circle sheds one body and then another. The group form
dissipates for a moment, and then re-forms, and shifts again.
2015RooderelEvent_AW_088.jpgWe are communicating in our other native language. Through our seed designs, we move, gesture, and make sounds with the seeds sprinkling and falling onto the table from a hand above. A mandala is formed in a constant state of becoming- one becomes and another, again and again, inspiring collective choreography. Playing off of one another along an edge of unknown, the beginning sparks of trust in our shared, yet unspoken, community ignite. We laugh. Wide-eyed and caught in the wonder, creating and destroying in an ongoing cycle, the visionary state of discovery and attunement carries us along a journey. This journey is a part of a larger cycle.
2015RooderelEvent_AW_110.jpgThe chronology of our project, roodərəl, (for which we (Eva and Corinne) have collected the seeds in this exhibit) reflects the natural cycles over the seasons of a year. The fall is a time of returning to our harvest of seeds and to the abundance that our trees and plants offer within their gifts of fruit and medicine. The variety of street tree pods, wild cones, and fluffy milkweed fairies fell, in their own way, down to the surface of our earth. Like the leaves falling from trees in autumn, this season is a time of recollecting that which we have gathered over the year. The ever-shifting mandala that we built together in ceremony and in play resulted from the exploration and harnessing of the gifts in nature.
To conclude our community process we invited the group to select one seed based not only on the specific life-potential held inside, but also by the intention one wants to plant. At the parameter of the loft were piles made of soil. Anyone who felt inspired brought a seed to one of the earthen piles, one with Eva and the other with Corinne. Together we planted a seed for intentions, such as world peace and forgiveness. This final action nurtured our inter-relationship and also shaped the on-going construction of our selves and our environment.

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